We are planning on attending summer camp at Camp Cris Dobbins during the week of June 9th.

For the full details about camp, take a look at the Cris Dobbins Leader's Guide.

For a list of equipment to bring, please see the camping equipment list, which comes from page 15 of the Cris Dobbins Leader's Guide.

Taking a look at the final list of merit badge classes and activities available at Camp Cris Dobbins, it looks like a lot of fun. They even provide scuba lessons (for a fee)!

The document below is a quick summary of the merit badges offered, including the class schedules, the additional costs for certain merit badges, and a list of "prerequisites or preparation" required. The leader's guide above also describes how much of each merit badge can be completed at camp.

We will start planning scout's individual schedules for scout camp in March, so start thinking about what your scout would like to take. If your scout hasn't taken First Aid, Swimming, Environmental Science, or Camping, I would strongly encourage him to sign up for at least two or three of these Eagle required merit badges.

As for paying for scout camp, here is the suggested schedule so we can make the payment deadlines:

  • Deposit: This has been paid by the troop already (previously it was $30).
  • Second Payment $85 per Scout due February 24th, 2013
  • Third Payment $85 per Scout due March 24th, 2013
  • Final Payment $80 per Scout due April 28th, 2013